We’re incredibly proud to announce the first mount EVER to run completely on natural gas: the Windbreaker. In addition to being totally energy efficient, the Windbreaker Mount offers a +40% speed boost as well as other fantastic benefits such as:

  • Really being able to feel the wind in your hair
  • Uncomfortable Fascinating noises as you travel
  • Exotic scents galore
Buy Crowns

Intrigued? You can purchase this extremely sophisticated mount in the Crown Shop for just 2,500 Crowns. Hurry though – this mount will be gone like the wind on April 12th, 2020.

*Disclaimer: We are not responsible for accusations of flatulence, confused glances from peers, or using this mount for jokes nefarious purposes.*


What Wizards Are Saying About the
Windbreaker Mount!

“No joke … this mount really captures people’s attention! Everyone looks as I ride by! Must be the really bright color?!” – Vanessa MythDust

“Noises?! What noises?! I’m having a fantastic time bouncing across the Spiral!” – Natalie WildPants

“I’m not used to using a mount powered by gas, but I have to say, it’s pretty efficient!” – Lauren SparkleWeaver