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The new Event Spellement Pack is now in the Crown Shop! This pack only gives spellements and three of the seven slots are dedicated to your school.

Here are ALL of the spellements you have a chance to receive in the new Event Spellement Pack:


  • Glacial Golem
  • Inferno Salamander
  • Naptha Scarab
  • Meteor Strike


  • Frostfeather
  • Thieving Dragon
  • Volcanic Golem
  • Blizzard


  • Stormwing
  • Thermic Golem
  • Thunderman


  • Ether Golem
  • Golem: Taunt
  • Vermin Virtuoso
  • Humongofrog


  • Infestation
  • Legend Golem
  • Sprite Swarm
  • Regenerate


  • Crimson Phantom
  • Dream Golem
  • Monster Mash



  • Elemental Golem
  • Iron Curse
  • Obsidian Colossus
  • Sandstorm

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How Can I Upgrade my Spells?

In order to upgrade the spells with spellements obtained from this pack, you must have either trained these spells from your school professor or have trained them from another school with training points. You can NOT learn these spells from receiving spellements, you may only upgrade spells you have in your Spellbook.

To view the amount of spellements you currently have, open your Spellbook and navigate to the “Spell Deck” tab. From there, click the top right yellow arrow to go to the Spellwrighting page. Here you can see how many spellements you currently have for each spell.

When you obtain enough spellements to upgrade a spell, click on the spell you wish to upgrade and then hit “Upgrade.” Choose the path you wish to upgrade your spell to and hit “Yes.” This will upgrade the spell in your Spellbook. Spells upgraded through the Spellwrighting system function the same way normal spells do and abide by the rules of buffs and power pips.

Spellements act as reagents and you are able to transfer them to other wizards on your account!

Happy Spellwrighting!

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