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A lot can happen in 15 years!

Now through Sunday, October 1st, we’re celebrating this momentous occasion by bringing back your birthday favorites, adding some new birthday items, and of away some festive items! Oh, and be sure to embrace your birthday spirit near the Spiral’s waters. Special birthday fish heard the excited commotion and decided to return for some fun!

Are you ready to join the party?


Get the party started with these new items!

  • Ravenwood Standard Weapon
  • 15th Birthday Standard Weapon
  • Ravenwood Academy Banner Housing Item
  • Birthday Banner Housing Item
  • Crystal Dragon Pet (this pet will stay in the Crown Shop through October 30th.)
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That’s right – it's the perfect time to try Wizard101!

Now through Tuesday, September 19th, all Wizard101 accounts have been marked as members. So, dust off your Wizards, catchup with some friends, and quest to your heart’s content! As a bonus, everyone will get in-game membership perks as well – like access to member benefits, increased backpack space, and a larger Friends List.

Hurry though! A membership will be required in order to maintain access to all premium zones and membership perks after September 19th. You can also purchase premium zones individually once the promotion timeframe ends to continue visiting those specific areas.

Have fun exploring the Spiral for free!


Party with pets!

The Anniversary Pet Bundle Includes:

  • Li'l Siren Pet
  • Fennec Fox Pet
  • Mountain Yeti Pet
  • Leaf Foot Pet
  • Deer Knight Pet
  • Plucky Gryphon Pet
  • Snappy Gryphon Pet
  • Dapper Corgi Pet
  • Enchanted Armament Pet
  • GobblerBall Pet
  • 3 Mega Snack Packs

The Snaring Spellbooks Bundle Offers:

  • Whirlwind Grimoire Pet
  • Incendirary Grimoire Pet
  • Verglas Grimoire Pet
  • Rooted Grimoire Pet
  • Forgotten Grimoire Pet
  • Fabled Grimoire Pet
  • 6 Mega Snack Packs

Hurry - these pet bundles will disappear on 9/17!

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What’s a celebration without some awesome goodies? Birthday items from all over the years are back in the Crown Shop! Check them out before they disappear again!

  • Decennial Dragon Pet
  • Decaversary Hoard Pack
  • Decade Gargoyle
  • Decade Firecat
  • Decade Piggle
  • Birthday Balloons Mount
  • Gobbler Mount
  • Party Corgi Pet
  • Grandpa Piggle Pet
  • 8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake
  • Birthday Party Cake (Animated)
  • Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank Aquarium
  • Party Chair Housing Item
  • Party Buffet Table Housing Item
  • Birthday Snack Pack
  • Birthday Box Mount (PERM)
  • Candle Staff
  • Bookmobile Mount (PERM)
  • Copycake Pet
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It wouldn’t be a perfect party without member benefits! Wizard101 Members will get special benefits during our birthday celebration! We’ll be rotating these member benefits as the month goes on: Double Crafting and Reagents, Zero Energy Fishing, Double Monstrology and Animus, Double Pet XP, and Double Gardening.

We’ll announce each member benefit as they go live on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so be sure to follow us there!


It might be our birthday, but YOU are getting the gifts! Redeem the code 15YearsofMagic before 11:59 PM on Saturday, September 30th, to receive the following party favors:

  • Crafting Benefit Elixir (1 Hour)
  • Ninja Pig Transformation
  • Celebration Banner Housing Item
  • Krokotopian Houseboat Housing Item
  • Confetti Cannon Housing Item
  • Birthday Snack Pack
  • Origami Party Crane Pet
  • Gobbler Transformation
  • Birthday Balloons Mount (1-Day)
  • Decaversary Hoard Pack
  • Sparkler Wand
  • Energy Elixir
  • Fishing Benefit Elixir (1 Hour)
  • Birthday Conical
  • *NEW* Grandmother Raven Monument Housing Item

Thanks so much for being a part of another great year!

  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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