Now through September 30th 2013, celebrate our 5th Birthday with sales throughout the month of September, amazing rewards based on when your account was created and much more!

Wizards! We are beyond grateful and thrilled to celebrate Wizard101’s 5th birthday! It is because of all of you Wizards that we have been able to hit such a huge milestone! To celebrate this great achievement, we have planned a month long birthday celebration that includes:

Get a free Confetti Cannon + Mystery Item!
To celebrate our birthday with all of you great Wizards, we're giving everyone a Confetti Cannon housing item... but wait - there's more! In addition to the Cannon, players will also receive one or more mystery items. Different items will be given to players based on how long they have been playing Wizard101!

Your mystery item will show up in your gift window within 24 hours of redeeming the Confetti Cannon housing item using the code bday5.


Introducing the Arcus Cloud Mount and new Hair Styles!

Travel floating on a cloud with the cool new Arcus Cloud Mount - watch out for lightning though! In addition to this electric new mount, we also have five new Hair Styles in the Crown Shop.