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Zafaria low level problem-what do you think?

Jul 26, 2011
This is my first time posting on here, but couldnt help it. People are whining way too much, clear through the game lower level wizards would port in. Happened at wintertusk, celestia...You will get over it like you did the other worlds when they came out. I dont understand the big deal. Ok so you get defeated for the worse case scenario, its a game who cares just come back. Me personally i dont mind over 80% of the time I end up getting healing from the lower level wizard anyways. They are curious they too dont like the idea of getting defeated every battle they are in. Soon the lower level wizard will go back too there quests so they can go too it. Its not a big deal. I am 1000 xp from being a level 70 by the way in case you are wandering. Just wait it out in real short time the newness will wear off and this wont occur anymore

May 01, 2010
this is why i decline anyone below 60 now. because they are too "Noob-ish" in ZF... they end up spamming "I need healing"... and when u heal them, they flee :/

Be careful on who you add.

Nov 29, 2010
i dont under stand the issue with low levels going to Zafaria if thats what they want to do just let them they will only get killed its no big deal just leave them alone everyone has to start somewere

gaberal raven level 70 balance