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Zafaria Legendary Artisan Quest

Jul 25, 2009
I am trying to get the Goat monk spell for my life. I am only lvl 38 so its challenging. There are only 3 ways to get it Ninja lore pack, crafting, or from the bosses Loremaster and Zaneki. I bought some ninja lore packs but i got the ninja pig spell instead of goat monk. Farming the bosses at my lvl is hard so i am trying the crafting way. I have been looking into the legendary artisian quest and I think you have to be in Zafaria just to get the quest. If this is true than i think its unfair because people at my lvl want these spells to but we cant get it with these circumstances. Thanks

Valdus lvl. 38

Sep 17, 2012
You cannot craft the spells until you have reached Zafaria through questing. The crafter who gives you the quests does not appear until you have completed the first storyline quest in Zafaria. Your only options are, level up through questing, continue farming for it or try more lore packs. Sorry. At your level what I would do is find a higher level storm to help you farm Zaneki. It's a really quick fight, most storm can kill him first round. Just keep fighting him. It's a lot faster than Loremaster.