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Zafaria Crafting SHARK TOOTH

Oct 11, 2010
Where do we go to find shark tooth. It is a new item and cannot find where to buy it and craft it.

Oct 03, 2010
According to KI, the shark tooth is not availble on the game yet. "The professor are working hard to fix the issue" because the "tooth fairy is greedy". The think is why change the recipe. They put in the shark tooth and its not ready available to all players. It just like false advertising. No news was even bother to be put up to inform players (I have searched and didn't see any). They know its an issue, but yet they refrain or rather neglect to post it. We have to waste our time e-mailing them about it and can't even have a reasonable or realistic answers.

How many days do we have to wait for it to be available? It took one day to switch from yearly membership to crowns sale :) or less. I know you guys are tyring to fix the issue, but do we have to wait that long just for a shark tooth reagent. It's not like the entire server crashed or something. Simple solution, don't change what's not broken. Leave the original recipe required for it or just put a reagent that is already common in the game. Thank you for hearing me out. lol have a great day.

Oct 24, 2010
getting tried in waiting on the shark tooth issue, Just what century do we plan for it to be fixed?

spidey5959 wrote:
getting tried in waiting on the shark tooth issue, Just what century do we plan for it to be fixed?

No need to be rude. Just show a little initiative and read the post in the Crafting section of the message boards, since this is a crafting issue.


Nov 13, 2010
If you fine other things about shark tooth for crafting on another suppot thinggy it says their going to fix it somehow. :P :D