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Zafaria: A Luxury Resort with Monsters

May 03, 2011
Well, I just got started in Zafaria--didn't do much in Test, because I wanted to be surprised. :-) It's really cool-looking, exotic, the creatures are amazingly detailed, right down to the African accents. And everything is really, really expensive. I can't help feeling like I'm at some high-end resort for rich wizards. I know people are complaining about the prices, so this is nothing new--but seriously, this place, as it stands now, seems like a tropical vacation I can't afford. And as I worked my way through the first bunch of Zebra bandits with my Myth wiz, I just wasn't feeling the love the way I did when I got to Celestia and Wintertusk. :(

Oh well. Maybe I can get a job at one of the shops. Because with the prices of gear and henchmen and all that, I'm clearly going to need another source of income. Maybe one of those Zebra shopkeeper guys will hire me, so I can get a discount.... :?

Failing that, I may be tempted to join those bandits.

Dec 21, 2010
Like any other high class resort, budget yourself. I am middle class but love to go to high end places for my vacations once a year! Don't buy the clothing if you can't afford it. Don't buy the henchmen, if you can't afford it! I found just changing your deck around, yes several times does work. And try to find a super good friend who is willing to help you, helps. Getting silly in some of the lands helps. Just jumping around, joking with others helps. I have gotten henchemen, level 40 only storm and life. Although, not the best, they have helped. Remember you don't have to buy everything you see. Hope this helps.

Aug 09, 2011
this world and the athers are sooooooooooooooooooo easy whay

Jan 23, 2009
honestly it depends on what you are looking for but i find that the best gear is usually dropped as in the waterworks gear, and I dont think the 70 level gear was created yet, let just pray they look good this time lol.

Back in the days a few years ago lol, The games best gear was sold by zeke, but in time the stuff you could buy with crowns was all flash and balance blades. This is nice if you dont need resist or accuracy or pip chance or if you want to duel master schools. Like I said gear is cool depending on whatever you like and what kind of wizard you are, I prefer the gear that is dropped the crown stuff now (imho) is not worth the money, unless we are talking wands.

Jun 23, 2010
Tabitha you made me smile with your lovely description! Queenlybluebean and you are now on my I love to read list. I love people who can write so eloquently. :D

I totally agree with you. I am just amazed with Zafaria. So far I am having a blast. I find the challenge level just right for my faint hearted little self. LOL I play for fun and prefer less stress to more. Celestia was just about my undoing and the cause of much teeth gnashing and wailing at first. Leveling in Wintertusk helped me out terrifically. I created a full account of gals until Wintertusk came out. So I could get my Wizard101 fix. I have a serious addiction to it.


May 03, 2011
Well, I am finding that the battles pay pretty well here, so I'm not as outclassed as I feared. :-) I am a little miffed at the number of Myth monsters, though--I have two wizards in ZF, and one of them is Myth. It's hard...those Shamans are starting to seriously annoy me. Every time I think I'm finished with them, there they are again. I realize that Myth is a minority school at the higher levels, but please--a little variety would be nice.

Megan, thanks for the kind words. I do like to write, and this game provides a lot of inspiration! Like you, I play to relax, and find ZF easier to deal with (except for those Shamans) than Celestia--although WT is probably still my favorite world. Love the Norse myths...

Perhaps we'll cross paths in the jungle sometime...


May 05, 2010
If you need some money try and go through your bank, find some useless gear you don't need and sell it at the bazaar. Works for me. You should end up having 30,000+ gold after selling. I even sometimes reach 100,000 gold...

Kaching! $_$.

See ya in the spiral!

Wolf.D Transcended necromancer (level 70!)