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Sep 22, 2010
Jul 03, 2010
piranna27 wrote:
have to be soooooooo hard? srsly?
luke skyblood lvl. 35 fire

Pick up the pace on your wizard, make sure you have the best gear equipped you can, not just the hat, robe and boots, since I did not get gear from WaterWorks till way too late I did use mainly 58 level. I did craft the helmet from Wintertusk for the stats and blade, tweak your deck for fights, mobs and bosses, some people run 2 decks in the higher worlds. In short with a little more thought on what is needed to get the fights done helps. As a bonus I am running all my wizards though there with a pet with Spritely.

Lastly make sure you have all the spells from other sources that enhance your school spells, I use no secondary spells at this level, such as the blades from Niles and I have trained in Sun up to the 225 Gargantuan, Colossus has to be gotten later in Drum Jungle but that requires 5 training points so if you have trained in secondary schools you may have an issue with this.