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why are people not liking zafaria???

Mar 23, 2011
I like Zafaria. There is for me fun. I finished Zf in 2 - 4 days. I like fight with Belloq, I like to create Drums, I like getting Colossal quest (Quest to active SUN OBELISK). I recommend: For collecting use just resistance gear, create one "LITTLE" deck, etc. If you have pet, like mine, you don't need any heals. My pet gives defy, Healing Current, Fairy and Dragon blade.

How to create Little deck? (For regular enemies)
Put in spell, with max. damage (at first shot), to all, with Garg. or Col.. All blades what you have to your school. 2 Feints + (2 traps). Amulet with blade to your school. Pet with blade to your school, or dragon blade. 1 Reshuffle, heals, if you want. To be sure about enemies are dead, have low pip spell to all with any enchant.
If you are going to defeat Myth, have: Max. Dmg. spell, to all, with enchant. 2 Feints, 2 traps. Deer knight pet, amulet with feint. These item feints use on different enemies.

This little deck is created only for solo.

- I hope, it helps!

ROBERT - Lvl. 90

Jul 02, 2009
The thing about Zafaria is if you can get the level 60 gear (ex skyscream, hangman, firestarter) from the waterworks, you wont need any other hats, robes, or boots for the entirety of Zafaria. To put it simple, the gear is overpriced and under-powerful. Also, the defeat enemy quests are no longer fun. (Looking at you, Fire Lion Ravager) However, the world is gorgeous, and the rank 9 spells rock! I just completed it on my level 71 death wizard, and i am looking forward to Avalon! See you there!

Malorn AshThorn, level 71 wizard

Jason StormShield, level 6 wizard

Christopher WinterBlade, level 5 wizard

Jul 04, 2012
At least its better than Celestia.

Feb 05, 2013
I like it! I just got there, though. I only get annoyed by the 'defeat and collect' quests. I just finished one and then was told to do another. But I like the animals and the scenery.

Mar 12, 2011
The repetitiveness of the defeat and collect quests bug me.
And when a person is at one end of the street and they send you out, and you go back, then they send you a little farther, and you go back to them, and a little farther, until you have done the whole street. It's almost as bad as real suicide runs.

The team work strategy is an interesting idea. I don't particularly like it because I have always been a solo player. I almost never ask for help. It's not like I couldn't, but I don't like working with other people, because I'm a life wizard and they always think that the only thing I'm going to do is heal, or that I will always out healing in front of attacking. It's so frustrating when they care nothing for their own health and expect you to constantly be watching it and making sure it stays up.

And the gear is weird. I suppose some people like it, but I don't. I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the stats. And the names are weird too.

I love the safari jungle theme. It's amazing. And the characters have interesting clothes.

The world of Zafaria runs on "costumes" to make something/someone kind of not really vaguely look like something they're not, and ''he/she/they owe me one''s.

Sierra Daisystaff, level 72 Theurgist

Sep 11, 2012
I most certainly do not like Zafaria because of all those "Defeat and Collect" quests, I think the music is bad, there are so many defeat quests, like "Defeat 8 Fire-Lion Ravager" and then "Defeat Fire-Lion Ravager and Collect Whatever", then having to defeat more like 10 of just one mob!! I REALLY didn't like Zafaria, but thankfully I'm now promethean, finishing up Azteca!!

Jordan Firewielder Lvl 90

Jun 24, 2013
Zafaria's ok, I just can't get through the final boss battle which is very annoying. As a solo player I can usually get through some tough bosses with a minion and maybe a henchman healer but this is too much. I've tried 4 times now, very frustrating

Mar 24, 2013
I don't understand why people don't like Zafaria. I'm a level 71 and I just started stone town and I think zafaria is actually not that bad of a world

Jul 20, 2013
AstroStorm on Apr 29, 2012 wrote:
I don't like how you have to go to one place to get to the other, seriously to get to elephant graveyard you go to crossroads, then markets, then stone town, then waterfront, then drum jungle, then the graveyard. Too long to walk.
Just mark the spaces :)