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What to do?

Jan 22, 2011
Hey guys!I decided what to do ;-) after i'm done with celestia.I'll start zafaria! :D :D :D :D :D!And done with zafaria i'll start grizzletusk(yup i didn't even put foot in grizzletusk yet!)

Jul 03, 2010
Mythknowledge655 wrote:
Hey guys i have a problem.I'm about to enter celestia and after that i dunno what to do.I would go to start grizzletusk from virulent plague and scarecrow pet but i really don't like to do grizzletusk,and i would like to start zafaria.So would you say your opinion if ya got any?(Btw,i forgot to say i have fierce hound pet so that's where all the dillema started! :(

If you are not all that on WinterTusk stay the course. Assuming you have finished Grizzlehiem? Wintertusk does help you level a bit, there seems to be more help though the rough spots and does seem to make Celestia a little easier to get though. I followed just the main story line at level 55 for the pet quest and it did not take that long in each area to get there and I was level 58 by then. I figure after I have nothing left in Zafaria I can come back and do the side ones I skipped in Celestia and WinterTusk. I also have a fierce hound so getting my pet was not that important more of a collectors item.