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Two more worlds hinted

Jul 13, 2009
I picture one of the two worlds, Polaris or Avalon, as the gobbler homeworld.

Mar 24, 2011
willwolf64 wrote:
In a quest in Stone Town, you talk to an elephant lady named Tala SnakeSquasher. She mentions two world that have never before been heard of: Avalon and Polaris. I might have my facts wrong, but I think the word "Avalon" has something to do with mideval times or something like that. But, here's what she said exactly: "I plan to visit many Spiral worlds to bring back new wares. Marleybone, MooShu, Avalon, Polaris... all the common stops." And of you notice, Marleybone and MooShu are the third and fourth worlds in the Malistaire arc. Maybe Avalon and Polaris could be the third and fourth worlds in the Morganthe arc. Maybe we could be in the world Avalon a year from now...
polaris can be morganthe has stolen most light from Polaris and the light keeps the worlds close enough to teleport to so if you don't get the light back then the spiral will be gone forever! And then you can fail but choose to do the final mission again.

Jul 27, 2009
Actually theres a quest in wysteriatoo that says another world so i certainly dont think you are right my kind sir.

Jan 09, 2012
there is not enough worlds now much less a year from now wiz 101 needss to add worlds now not later 8)

Nov 05, 2011
Morganthe says in Celestia: "Horns will call," then later "And even skies will fall."


"Horns will call" could link to Avalon, which as you said, could be a name for a Medieval world.
And "Even skies will fall..." can mean in the sky, and as a message says previously on this topic, Polaris is the North Star - so possibly space themed!!!! Epicness!!!

I hope my point comes in handy here! :)

Aug 17, 2011
who knows maybe the creators of wizard101 will create new world like the ones you speak of that would be awesome if they created two other worlds that involve the morganthe arc and possible we will be able to face morganthe as a boss :-)

Autum Owlsong lvl 49 Balance wizard

Sophia Firesinger lvl 69 Fire wizard

Apr 20, 2010
legobuilder07 wrote:
I picture one of the two worlds, Polaris or Avalon, as the gobbler homeworld.

I was thinking about that the other day! We have yet to hear anything about their home world other than the fact that they were driven out. I know that the popularity of this game is going to bring more and more updates and quests. I just got back on after being gone for a little over a year, so I am excited to be able to start "fresh" with Wintertusk, Celestia, Wisteria, and Zafaria. Plus I was only at lvl 50, so I was able to dust off my main character so I could actually play and gain EXP again!

See you out there!

Moira Dragonsong
Lvl 53 Theurgist

Sep 30, 2009
willwolf64 wrote:
And, let's not forget the FOUR worlds that were mentioned in Wysteria: Weirwood, Mirage, Empyria, and Yago.
Actually I hope its polaris because if you remember what the students look like you can sorta imagine what there world would look like and they dont seem very exciting in my mind but polaris! Now that is more mysterious and unknown so i am hopping for that one. Plus 2 of those students come from 2 worlds that link to them(krokatopia and mooshoo)

Jul 21, 2009
But isn't Wizard City already kind of medieval themed. I think Avalon might be like an island or something. And we still haven;t seen Mirage and the other worlds mentioned by the contestants in Wysteria.

Aug 10, 2010
Yes, very good. This could easily represent... ASTRAL MAGIC! But i'm not totally sure. I think the Morganthe arc could be leading to something... well, big! Although I think there should be some Malistare related things in the new world, because the Malistare stuff just seems to fall into nothingness as if it never happened.

Oct 17, 2011
May 17, 2009
The prophicy that moganthe said has something to do with it "the mirrior will break the horn will call from the shadows I strike and the skies will fall" so I am gussing its avalon

sorry about spelling

lvl 68 storm Wolf Shadow Sword
lvl 68 balance Hunter Dusk Caller
lvl 70 death Jacob Moon Blood

Apr 01, 2009
Well, Avalon's here, so I guess Polaris will follow.... Mirage is too much like Krokotopia, plus they already kinda did the Mid-Eastern thing in Zafaria with Stone Town... perhaps Weirwood, the actual Land of Magic?

Jan 23, 2011
If you posted this before May of 2012, then you should check this and know that Avalon came out. It is Arthurian-based, and Polaris was mentioned in the video by Penguinonia, I thought that was just a joke. Empyria is mentioned not only in Wysteria, but also by my favorite professor, Cyrus Drake. When you get the quest to summon the basilisk, he wonders where to summon it. He thinks about Dragonspyre, and Marleybone. He also wonders if you could summon it in the skies of Empyria. Then he says, "How about the skies of Empyria, no, you can't go there yet." I saw yet and got really excited. Maybe all these worlds will come true, and the worlds mentioned in Wysteria could come out to win the Spiral Cup some time soon.

Andrew Stormblade, Myth, 71

Apr 05, 2011
well Avalon already came out and it's pretty interesting, so I'm almost certain that the next level cap will be 90 because of that other mentioned world!

Sydney Lotus Legendary Necromancer Level 65

May 15, 2010
Avalon has been released! And Polaris seems to be a running trend on the message boards. Maybeb it will be the next world.

May 31, 2009
wow thats cool. i was thinking that a while ago 8) idk maybe maybe.....