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Too much talking in Zafaria?

Oct 03, 2009
I've noticed a lot of running around and talking in Zafaria, has anyone else?
I have read a few forums where people are complaining about the fights and drops. I can agree on that 50/50 the drops are kind of weak and can be improved. But the fights are good there just needs to be more. But with everything else is fine. I only have one complaint ... Items are too expensive there is a good hat in the baoaob market for my life I might not remember correctly but it has like 400 life and 100 critical chance plus my hat right now give 360 life and 60 critical. Can I have someone else's opinion?

Dec 21, 2008
I think it might turn into too much battles if you don't have as many talk to quests.

Jul 03, 2010
Personally I like to break up constant battles with some walk around ones, other wise it's one fight into another fight and would be to much for most people.

As for gear it's been decided pass on it, it would seem if you are lucky enough to trudge though WaterWorks enough times to get that gear it's probably the best you are going to do. I did the time and finally got it on my Life wizard but find I would of liked to be able to up it a little at level 70 because the battles in Zafaria do pick up during the last half and even level 60 gear leaves you a little weak compared.