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Too Low of a Level?

Jul 03, 2015
I just got my Zafaria quest and I just turned Level 55. I have 6 training points and I think I will be underpowered, especially me being Ice. I haven't done any of Grizzleheim or any side quests. Can I handle Zafaria?

- Jack | Level 55 Thaumaturge

Jul 18, 2010
Honestly, I strongly reccomend you go back and do a lot of side quests in previous worlds. Scratch that actually. Doing Wintertusk and most of the side quests there is probably your best option. To get to Wintertusk, you must complete grizzlheim's main storyline. Just note that Wintertusk is not a whole separate world on the spiral, but an annexation of Grizzleheim. Wintertusk gives a lot of experience. More then Celestia actually. Then, you'll be able to get your level 58 spell and pet, which are both useful. Keep doing things in Wintertusk until you get to level 60. Then, farm the waterworks for that sweet waterworks gear. For you, it's the Frostbit hood/robe/boots. Hat is dropped by the first boss (Luska CharmBreak), and robe and boots are dropped by the last bosses. Waterworks gear is the best you can have in the game until around level 90 (if you prefer the Hades gear)..

After you do all that, then I'd say it would be good to tackle Zafaria. I'm not saying you can't do it at level 55. It's just that it would be difficult. But if you do all this, you won't have any problems at all I'm sure

Feb 28, 2014
I'm surprise Zafaria unlocked for you at your level. Go back and level up more by doing Grizzleheim and Wintertusk to get the spells you need. There's one additional spell in both of those worlds. Then you'll be ready take on Zafaria smoothly.

Feb 25, 2009
The Grandmaster of... on Jul 16, 2017 wrote:
I just got my Zafaria quest and I just turned Level 55. I have 6 training points and I think I will be underpowered, especially me being Ice. I haven't done any of Grizzleheim or any side quests. Can I handle Zafaria?

- Jack | Level 55 Thaumaturge
There are also spell quests you won't be able to do if you don't do WinterTusk. So by all means do Grizz and WT. You may want to consider picking up several other side quests.

I purposely do all sides and have most of my wizards at level 70 or very close when entering Zf. The higher your level the easier some worlds will be.

Jan 20, 2013
I think Stormgem307 offered really great advice. Being level 55 is definitely on the lower side for Zafaria, but I also think that a particular player's skill and familiarity with the game shouldn't be discounted. After all, some players actually prefer a challenge.

You could always attempt the first few fights in Zafaria and see how it goes. If you're feeling comfortable or enjoy the challenge presented, you may want to keep going. If not, then I think it might be wise to take Stormgem307's advice. It's completely up to you and how you want to play. :)

Jan 11, 2012
While I dont know how much experience you get from grizzleheim/wintertusk alone, I know it will shoot you up MANY levels, which in return yield you more health and mana for leveling alone. There are a few options for gear as well.

L60 Waterworks Set
1,040 HP
9% Universal Accuracy
34% Universal Resistance
80 Ice Critical hit
34% Ice Damage
45 univeral critical block
15% incoming health

L58 Wintertusk Crafted
990 health
12% ice accuracy
77 ice critical hit
31% ice damage
19% universal resistance
5% incoming health
25 Universal Critical Block

Item Cards
45% ice blade (hat)
35% ice trap (robe)
35% balefrost (boots)

L58 Bazar Bought (Celestian Snow set)
885 HP
30 Universal Critical Hit
37% Universal Resistance
9% Ice Accuracy
28% Ice Damage
30 Universal Critical Block

L60 Zigzag Gear

893 HP
15% Universal Resist
2% Ice Accuracy
83 Ice Critical hit
27% Ice Damage
4% Power Pip %
3% Universal Accuracy
17 Universal Critical Block
9% Incoming Health Boost

I've had a member of a wizard101 facebook group tell me that she has only ever used the bazaar gear on her ice, and made it just fine into L90 and above. Also, keep in mind that this is ONLY for the main 3 pieces of gear. Elite dungeons like Zigzag, Waterworks, and Helephant Tower also drop rings, amulets, and athames that might be useful. This also does NOT count the L30 or L70 Aquila gear either.

My pattern, for a while now, has been to get the L30 gear in Aquila first, then get the L56 crafted gear in wintertusk (I have another wizard on the same account craft it for me so it's ready to go), and then move to the L60 waterworks robe and boots. I like the extra damage the blade gives me from the wintertusk crafted gear. I don't change out the crafted hat for the WW dropped hat until I am L90 and able to use the ring/athame from Aquila, and add the dual school blade gem that can be farmed in polaris