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The new time traveling quests [spoiler]

Jul 08, 2009
I didn't know where else to post this, but seeing as this popped up in the Zafaria one.........

SKULL ISLAND!!!!!!!!! Any other pirate101 fans totally flipping out?!

Feb 27, 2009
A lot of worlds are mentioned in Zafaria. Marleybone and Valencia (before it came out with P101 in 2012). Big events in the spiral happened in Zafaria, Morganthe was defeated the first time, the Council of Light was founded, and is possibly the place the Armada was first tested for battle, a theory from Zebu Blackstripes saying: "This sword was forged in the halls of Valencia, they helped us crush them with their hooves and steel."
But yes, it is interesting how many worlds were mentioned before we knew of them that wre mentioned in Zarfaria.
Marcus Suncrafter, lvl 77