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Shadow-Web Enemies Attack Glitched?

Jun 14, 2009
Dear Wizard 101 I think that one of the Shadow-Web attacks is glitched their natural attack (when they go in the middle) is glitched it does no damage ever I was facing some of them in the drum jungle when one of them tried to attack me with a blade for him and a trap on me it used them took four of his pips and did no damage. Is this supposed to happen and do something later or is it glitched? I think it makes them a lot easier to fight and I like challenges.

May 21, 2012
its not really glitched thats how they made it applies the damage after the round is over

Sep 17, 2012
Caretaker123 on Dec 9, 2013 wrote:
its not really glitched thats how they made it applies the damage after the round is over
Actually I've noticed the same thing on the death minion in the first battle in Mirror Lake. His natural attack never does any damage to me, not at the end of the round or ever. It just hits, says resist, and nothing. It's been like that through all my wizards since I started running Mirror Lake over a year ago. It's not my resist either, even when I'm immune an attack still shows a 0 for damage. His natural attack never shows any damage to anyone.

Jan 25, 2010
Funny, I saw the same thing when my fire wizard faced these things. I think is another glitch that kingsisle needs to fix. What's weird is that the glitch is not the on the creatures in the other world so I am wondering why it is in Zafaria? Kingsisle should fix it soon.

Ryan Duskspear Level 95 Death
Kevin Firecrafter Level 76 Fire

May 21, 2012
ok my suggestion is go back and watch wht i am telling you. i this dosent work there is a glitch in the game and you need to report it. ok this is what happens when he attacks. he is going to do his natural attack and then it will just say resist and no damage and your health wont change, but keep looking at your health. when the next round starts your health should change by 100-200 lower it dosent show the damage but it takes it away from your health. so next time watch till next round after they natural attck and your health should lower down. that is my advice to you guys. hoped this helped. and the wizard i am using to sign off isnt the really highest one i have

talon taletail 40