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Morganthe and Merle Ambrose: Brother and Sis?

Mar 14, 2009
Is it possible for Merle and Morganthe to be brother and sister? Think about it: people have said that Morganthe is based on Morgan Le Fay from those medieval stories like Camelot? Maybe Merle is based on Merlin, that wizard that was in the King Arthur. Also, when you get the moving rock quest by the giant giraffe in the Zafaria library in the Baobab Crown, there is a drawing of a guy that looks like Merle on the entrance to Namean Rock that was said to be one of the heroes of light that came from the spiral to help Zafaria long ago when it waqs in trouble. Merle also says that he had been to Zafaria long ago, and Zafaria is said to be the home of Morganthe. I would deeply appreciate any feedback on this subject. Thx

Nov 21, 2010
I don't think that is correct. Merle and Morganthe being siblings.

Morgana or Morgan Le Fay is actually King Arthur's older half sister.
They share the same mother.
Morgana's mother had unique abilities which Morgana inherited.

After Uther Pendragon killed, or had killed, Morgana's father, Uther married Morgana's mother.
Now Morgana saw all this, supposedly in a vision, along with the birth and reign of Arthur, her younger half brother.

Seeing all this, she swore revenge, for her father's death.
But to do so, she needed power.
Because of her abilities, Merlin saw great promise in her. So he took her as an apprentice. She was a quick study too, or so the legend goes.

There is more to the story, but that will keep for another time.

Hope this helps a little.