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Mirror Lake Invisible Wall?

Apr 13, 2014
Alright so I was doing your average mill of the run mirror lake run on my storm, you know nothing too sophisticated. I forgot to bring potions and our team didn't have a life or any real healers besides the other storm who packed in one healing current, and with RNG not being on our side didn't heal me for much. So when we got to the 2nd to last battle with the bugs I escaped death with a whopping 48 health and decided I would decide to grab potions quickly. So i went to my marker placed in the pet pavillion and grabbed potions and ported back. And when I attempted to run back I was encountered by an invisible wall that wouldn't let me walk back to the shining mountain. So I was basically trapped at the start. Was this always a thing? I messaged a person in my group and they said I should be able to walk back.