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Mega Snack Farming

Jan 30, 2014
Is it worth trying to farm Mirror lake or should I continue gardening? I only have 5 plants giving me snacks right now, but I'm wondering if farming in ZF would be faster?

See you in the spiral!

Nov 07, 2009
Hello, I currently have 5 maxed wizards and a lvl 75 in Avalon and on all those wizards is lots and lots of pets. To feed them all I have a large garden of magma peas to get lots of mega snacks. Now you can farm Zafaria's Mirror lake for a guaranteed 2 snacks each run, but if you have lots of seeds for magma peas or couch potatoes it would be easy to get snacks if you have a lot of them. It usually takes around 3 days to harvest them though if you are patient. If you do not have enough crowns or time to farm for these seeds, then Zafaria's Mirror lake dungeon is worth farming for the snacks. It all depends on your crop yield on which method is faster. If you have the right team for Mirror lake, you could farm it about a hundred times in one day. I hope this helps answer your question! I do not think you want to keep farming those 5 plants over the course of a few days if you can farm hundreds of decent snacks in Mirror lake.


Chris Thundercloud 130