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Lonely in Zafaria

Jul 08, 2010
Okay, so lets say that I've had a little 'break' from Wizard101 for a couple months. Then I suddenly got the urge to play again and so I did but when I came back, all the friends I had just don't come on anymore and when I try to make friends they're all snooty Level 70s(I'm not saying their all like that, just the ones I've met are like that) and they don't accept my requests and when they actually DO try and talk to me they use text/open chat which I don't have so I only see '...' and it REALLY annoys me. So if there's anyone out there who wants to comfort a lonely Wizard, give me a time and place and server and I'll be there if I get the message soon enough. Thanks!

P.S. Please make an effort to use Menu Chat with me. I regret ever getting Menu Chat because I can't change to Text Chat even though I'm of age. (I get membership with Game Cards. This isn't really personal info so don't decline this post please admin.)

Kayla- Legendary Diviner- Level 62
Kiley Dreamer- Journeygirl Sorcerer- Level 18

Mar 27, 2011
How about next weekend, say...Saturday at Noon Eastern Standard Time in the Pixie Realm in front off Mirror Lake. If not Pixie ( if it's full), how about Vampire? ANyways, my name is Nicholas ThunderBringer (Level 70 Balance). I have Open Chat so in case I need to as kyou something just answer "yes" or "no", and for everything else, we will try to converse in Menu Chat.

Aug 15, 2009
GEEZ now i feel bad.
my experience with menu chat people are mostly the ones too young or silly that they dont pay attention to fights and or port and flee like its a game itself. OR got muted and not really worth wasting time with since what got them muted makes them naturally not worth knowing anyways. Very very few silent players made me think "gosh they are good players i just wish i could talk to them without sign language." they exist but are rare and rarely worth freinding at higher lvls cause its about that time when its time to delete a character and start a new one.

it had never occured to me that menu chat people also exist due to the way they paid for their account> like with game cards< because members and crown players almost always have basic chat except when they too young to be fully exposed< or too rude crude or bad tempered to keep text chat<

Jul 08, 2010
@wizkhalifa18 Sure! I would gladly meet on Saturday. I will do my best but I'm not 100% sure I'll be there because something might pop up but I'll do my best. However I can't answer anything you say in Open Chat because when someone talks ALL I see is '...' and it really pains me to know I can't change that. I'm not really allowed to get Membership with credit card and stuff soo yeah, but I'm not really a youngster either.
@f1ng3br1ts0n Thanks for understanding that there are a rare group of menu chatters(myself included) that are of age and angry to have only Menu Chat. I am a very good fighter. Whenever people see that I don't have Text/Open chat they usually assume I'm weak(I can just tell), but boy are they wrong! I love this game too much to quit because of chat however. So please do me and all other high level menu chatters a favor, don't just assume we're young, foolish, and weak. When people are silent, that often means they have menu chat because when you write to them in text chat, all they see is '...' so they can't really answer. Sooo yep, I'm a rare case as you'd say and I wish there could be a way in which I could communicate with you all out there but, guess not.(:

-Kayla- Legendary Diviner- Level 64
-Kiley Dreamer- Journeygirl Sorceress- Level 18

Dec 29, 2011
i too have menu chat and i am of age. Level 70 fire. i feel bad ignoring people cause i can't communicate but i feel my willingess to help others finish a dungeon or help in a fight more than makes up for my lack of communication. i always friend everyone until i find out what their intentions are. usually the ones who wanna trade TC's upon acceptance get deleted immediately. some who don't want to help me get deleted as well. but hey! there was one wizard who helped me finish a dungeon. he was a level 58 but hung in there with me till the end. i had wings and it was a chore flying ahead, then having to stop and wait since he didn't have a mount. sooo, at the end of my quest i gifted him seraph wings as thanks. everyday i log on i get "thank yous" from the time i log on till the time i log off. always asking me if i need help. Kane Fireblade is my screen name. look me up, im kinda into crafting gear from zafaria since i can't farm waterworks myself. but if you need help and im on, i'll help.