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Koko Smokesign Sun Obelisk Quest: Glitched

Sep 02, 2010
So, my little brother was playing and I realized that the Sun Obelisk Quest
in Zafaria was missing. I checked Koko Smokesign and I also checked
Iguana White-Stripes in Baobab Crossroads. I already finished Zafaria
and I'm currently on the World: Avalon. I am a level 73 (8/8/2013) and I
have 3 Training Points and All the Sun/Star spells. (/)

Please help? I want the new spells and I feel that it is unfair that I don't have
the opportunity to get Colossal. Help! -Luke Skywalker

You already have the spell Colossal.

If you are level 66 or higher, and have completed the Celestia Quest "The Sun of All Fears" in the Chancel AND completed the Zafaria quest "Tragedy of the Apes", talk to Inyanga Whitestripes in Baobab Crossroads to begin the quest "Bungle in the Jungle".

To access the Sun Obelisk Astral Spell trainer, you must first complete the quest "Midnight Sun".
To train Extraordinary you must be a minimum of Level 64 and have trained the spell Unstoppable.
To train Colossal you must be a minimum of Level 64 and have trained the spell Gargantuan.