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KI, Why is Zafaria Broken

Jun 05, 2011
KI why do none of the quests in Zafaria auto advance? ZWhen you finish a quest
and talk to the NPC thus turning in the quest the next quest they give you doesn't show up on your tracker. You have to go into your quest lok and hunt to find the quest just given. This makes it a real pain to simply stay on a quest line.

Also why do you limit lower levels from entering Zafaria and Avalon? Why not let them in until they have completed Celestia?? I am in but i have a number of friends who can't get in until they finish Celestia. Sure they can port but they can not do the quests.

Oct 22, 2011
Yeah, the quest tracker changed recently, and it's not a good thing. It's irritating to go to your quests and have to keep selecting the quest you're working on at the moment. I hope they change this soon, as I liked it better the way it was.

Regarding your second question, most of the worlds require you to complete the main quests before entering the next world. Each world is tougher, and many lower level wizards are not properly equipped, either with experience, spells, or equipment/gear.

There are many debates on having lower level wizards running around upper level worlds. Personally, I don't think lower level wizards should be doing quests or battles if they have not 'earned' the access to the next world.

Jul 08, 2010
Wow, this is so annoying! I completely understand. I'm in Stone Town right now and every time I get a new quest I have to open up my quest journal and click on that particular quest. Ugh, c'mon KI this is pointless! Just change it back to the original *and better* way. I know everyone else liked it that way.

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