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I can't get into Zafaria

Apr 11, 2010
I have a question for an Admin or somebody who knows what they're talking about. I've recently got back into Wizard101, And before I stopped playing, I beat Celestia. I did all the main quests, and so. Now, I'm level 62, and I can't get into Zafaria. Merle doesn't want to talk to me, and so on. I just finished Wysteria today, and I got the A+ Student badge. So please, If there is anyway for Merle to talk to me, or if KI can like, make me go there, I would be happy, because I spent SO much time on my guy. Thanks!


You have completed the quest "Dire News From Abroad" given by Merle Ambrose in Wizard City. Now you need to speak to Dalia Falmea in the Ravenwood Fire School to obtain the quest "Natural Born Pyromancer"

Apr 22, 2013
I have a problem something like that, I did get into Zafaria. And when I tried to go into the library in Baobab Crown it said "Failed to load zone". And now whenever I try to get on my character it always says "Failed to load zone". I can't get on it I tried reinstalling it but it didn't work. Can someone help me?