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Gargantuan spell help

Jul 20, 2014
I recently bought back my training points, and I assumed that spells I had learned from quests would stay. So of course I went to try to put Gargantuan in my deck, and for some reason I didn't have it trained. I also went to the guy in Zafaria that gives the quest for it, but the quest was gone. Is there any way I can get Gargantuan back? It seems unfair to not be able to get it back just because I bought back my training points.

Leesha Starforge, level 90

Ps: I've never bought back my training points before.

Mar 05, 2015
Remember that gargantuan and colossal arent earned from a quest, you need to do a quest to get it. Maybe you should return to the school trainers, sun school trainer in CL and the other one in ZF

Jun 04, 2010
I do believe that gargantuan is a rained through a trainer, such as an obelisk of some sort. The quest that you completed to access the trainer should always remain completed. However, the Astral schools, as all others, have prerequisite spells. That is, you have to go back and get strong, giant, and monstrous to be able to get gargantuan back.

All in all, just make sure you go back to Celestia and get those 3 spells first, then go back to trainer obelisk that gives gargantuan.

This link provides the prerequisites and should give you more information on the trainer locations:

May 25, 2013
Pardon me, but I don't remember getting gargantuan or colossal from a spell quest. Gargantuan can be found on the floating land obelisk and colossal is found in the zafaria sun obelisk in drum jungle. I believe you were talking about repairing the sun obelisk.

Hope I helped the least bit

Nicholas Lifeblade transcendant

Oct 09, 2011
Gargantuan isn't learned through a quest. It's trained from the Sun School Trainer in The Floating Land in Celestia.