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Elissa's Drum Puzzle

Nov 08, 2009
I did the puzzle and the door opens. I fight the 2 there and beat them. I go up stairs and nothing happens when i try to put the gift on the tables.. mission tells me I need to fight the guys I just beat. In the book says I need to talk to the ghost and meet her inside. i am in side so that mission shouldn't be in my book any more.
I have before this, 2 of us together goes in the placed and when we fight the 2 guys both of us are in different fights. Its like we are not in the same place. So many bugs going on now after the up date. I have to open my book to see what mission I need to do. Before when telling to anyone the mission was on the tasebar so I know where to go. i really hate trying to do the same mission over and over.