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do you like zafaria??????????????

Apr 14, 2009
hi guys i think zafaria is good but not better than the other worlds
what do you think do you like zafaria as your favorite world or not write back
happy holidays :D 8)

hi guys do you think zafaria is hard?

Dec 21, 2008
well zafaria kinda but it is bad b/c it doesnt look intresting and nothing really fascuinating is in there

Jun 19, 2009
zucchini35 wrote:
hi guys i think zafaria is good but not better than the other worlds
what do you think do you like zafaria as your favorite world or not write back
happy holidays :D 8)

It is a good one, better than celestia I must say, but not the top ranked for me. I loved krokotopia and grizzleheim!

Sep 26, 2010
It's a workout that's for sure.... This is the only world that the graphics pause and makes steering your wizard a problem... you get side swiped a lot. You end up in battles that you were trying to avoid to get to quest locations. The henchman in the crown shop won't load in time to utilize so your not going to be able to use that feature. The Tower in Wysteria is way tougher... then the final in this world... on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give this world a 6 I have seen better work out of Kingsisle....

Nov 26, 2010
Jul 03, 2010
My favorite world is Mooshu, it's the last world I played that I didn't think was so stressful and I had the most long term friends then too, most dropped out mid way when fighting became more difficult.

Zafari is ok, you either have too much local help or none so am having a problem with that. I don't have the gear from Water Works and don't see the benefit of the gear there so am playing with a handicap to start with so it helps that it isn't too much harder then Celestia. I seem to have to help with more of the boss fights then any other world which slows the game down waiting for help, I usually try three times to defeat then wait for help so some boss quests are really drawn out for me.

Most of the people I have friended there are either a few quests behind or ahead and are working hard to get it done so not really available to help.

I know it does help stretch the game but I also find the redundancy of fighting the same things over and over again a little boring.

It has finished weeding out most of the menu chat and younger crowd and altho I am older I like the more balanced game play. It maybe just for now is it more crowded but I have run into a lot more competitive wizards where they want you to be my friend so you can help them but they never can help me, are actually rude or join and flee and aren't even lower level wizards then in other worlds or it could be the game has run it's time with me and I am starting to get tired of it in general. I have started other wizards but there are areas of the game I really don't feel like repeating so that isn't working out as well as I thought it would.

Mar 08, 2009
Zafaria's cool, I like all the graphics and characters and stuff, but it's not my favorite world. Celestia is kinda better, since it's like in the ocean/sea, which is pretty cool.

Feb 13, 2010
who thinks it takes to long to get to elehant graveyard you have to take 3 boats and then go aways to the door to go there