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"Did not collect" quests are driving me crazy

Jan 14, 2011
Yes I agree, fighting over and over to collect, but it got easier.. my supernova has been working overtime in ZF. Though I am stuck trying to beat Belloq. What is the quickest way to killing him? Plus is there any secret shop or trainers in Zf?

Jul 20, 2013
Reading this makes me not look foward to Zafaria

May 21, 2012
those quests are easy if u got the right heart of it

talon mootail70

Feb 24, 2012
If you read some update notes i think in October I'm not sure, you will have found out the zafarian and celestial quests have been easier to collect from. Sadly I had started the ravagers with a group of 4 friends and we were all on the same quest and when I finished I had finished (just my luck) last out of our group

I feel you pain all you And storm wizards

Mar 03, 2012
I agree with this completely. I'm in Zafaria currently and so far, collecting stuff in the Savannah was good. It wasn't until I got to Stone Town. 20 battles and only 1 item collected. -__- It was the same with the previous worlds, Dragonspyre and Celestia. Not complaining about it too much but I think the item collect quests should be raised up to at least 25%

Colin Legendsteed

Mar 03, 2012
The Fire Lion Ravagers took a short time for me to do. I was in the Savannah with my friend collecting
these items and I got three every battle (maybe I was just lucky). When I moved onto Zamunda and
Stone Town, I got one or none for each battle. Even worse is in Elephant Graveyard, and got literally none from the Shadow Wraith things. Most of these times I was alone so if you bring friends, it might increase the chances of collecting the item.

Jun 22, 2011
Blade, 7 pips Tempest or Storm Lord, possible critical, unneeded usually. That works for everything levels 48 to about 80.

Aug 14, 2012
Keira Dreamleaf on Jun 27, 2012 wrote:
I'm not even past the market yet and I've been through my 24th street battle for those spices! Ive been playing in zf for 2 weeks already! It's taking me forever! I'm not complaining about zf, I like the plot (I didn't understand cl's plot) and the graphics, but all of these street battles are draining my mana and the fun. KI, please consider raising the chances in zf concerning collecting quests.

Keira Dreamleaf lvl 65 Diviner!
(yes, these unnecessary battles have raised me about 3 levels from the start of zf!)
well i am not at that part yet but as you get higher in level the drop rate decreases like when i was fighting zebra
warriors (i forgot how to spell there names) i was six level ahead and they rarely drop the spears. KevinSpellFlame level 67

Mar 09, 2014
I am in baobab crossroads and the myth zebra guys are driving me crazy! I had to fight 400 of them to get 1 spice of 6.Can anyone help me?
P.S. increase the collection rating by 40%.

Wolf Skull blood Level 56