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Defeat and collect, defeat and collect.

Nov 13, 2008
I have played through Zafaria once with my pyromancer and I am currently traveling through Stone Town with my diviner, along with his thaumaturge friend. An excellent combo, since he takes all of the hits and I wipe out everybody with a strong tempest or sirens spell. Something I noticed on this second run through is that Zafaria is VERY repetitive when it comes to combat. Apparently, KI just can't get enough of those fire lion ravagers, or those greyhorn mercenaries, or those berserkers in Stone Town, or even those Longdreamer Shamans. To make it worse, the message "Sorry, did not collect...." is incredibly common in these collection quests. While Zafaria is a beautiful world, I think that this lack of variety in the storyline makes it the worst world in the Morganthe saga so far. Please please PLEASE add some more variety to the world, KI.

Andrew FireCoin, 72 pyromancer
Andrew Thunderstalker, 69 diviner
Flint BattleHammer, 47 conjurer
Andrew Duskrunner, 19 necromancer
Andrew Icehammer, 11 thaumaturge

Feb 26, 2012
i am also in stone town but no problems yet. i am sure you will get it.
Jacob Fireblood level 68 pyromancer

Jun 30, 2012
i know you got to collect everything! and i am barely in the savannah robertdragonwhisper level 62 fire