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Deafeat Morganthe in mirror lake

Oct 04, 2009
Does anyone want to complete this dungeon with me? I am online now and will be on tommorrow.

Apr 25, 2009
I also posted a notice to get a team together, so thats two of us, if we can get one more that's three! I'm a Balance/Myth Wizard level 71 (so far I've made it all the way to to the four Ice creatures in mirror lake before dying, but the person I was with is no longer online((he went back to school)). So if we can get a team together so much the better for us. I am normally on late in the evening 10pm til 2am PST (Pacific Standard Time), and early in the morning on the Scarecrow Realm, my wizard's name is Destiny Shadowbane. So hopefully the power is with us. What do you say?

Aug 19, 2010
You cant do this dungeon until you beat zafaria and get to it its the final dungeon not only that anyone in or outside mirror lake cant port in with you, people say this is easier if you have a storm and a life i think a balance would also help i even heard fire wizards can solo it but its not easy so yeah storm and life needed.

Also if you need help post what time to meet, what realm, wizard name, timezone, and date of when to meet.

Also there isn't many cheating bosses but the guardians are one, the elephant can't be killed unless you kill the others, however if you are marked and it says "Only charms can save you now" someone must put a charm on the person marked, then the rest of the dungeon there is no cheats but this dungeon is somewhat popular due to that if you beat it completely and are not defeated you will gain 2 pixie stix they are rare they are really good for leveling up pets, hope this helps!