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Can't get to Mandisa Autumnrain?

May 02, 2009
I got the "Astral Weeks" quest in Zafaria, and it won't let me get through the door that leads me to Mandisa Autumnrain. I'm in Zamunda in front of the door that's beside the King's Court. It won't let me through the door. I've completed the quests leading up to here, and when Inyanga Whitestripes tells me to find her, I can't get to her! I even tried going around the door. Please help me figure out how to get to Mandisa Autumnrain!

May 10, 2010
Keep following the main storyline quests. Eventually, you will get a quest to talk to the queen, which will unlock and open that door. Just because you have a quest to get there, does not always means it is unlocked and open to you.

That, or find a friend to port to.