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Dec 06, 2008
This is for the moderators to read and hopefully pass on to be fixed

I was in Mirror Lake with some friends, I died in a battle and fleed and went back in by myself. I ran to the battle we were up to (the one before spiders) walking around the spirit things and when I got there they werent there. After messaging a friend in the dungeon I found out that they were still battling. I waited there for a while. They finished and I got the quest update yet I still couldnt see them. I looked at the realm thing... I was in Pheonix yet they were in Wu. Maybe it happened when I fled but I had somehow changed realms. Can you please ask them to try to fiz this.
Please pass the messgae onto me, whether they will or will try or cant.


Jun 05, 2009
I am having the same problem as Flash545. This is happening every time I go to Zafaria. I am still in game but cannot hit anything, and time just stands still. It is not my computer cause this just recently started to happen. I then log off game and cannot get back on again. I dont know what to do, Sometimes I can return to game with a different character.
Calamity Wildriver. The computer really does not freeze, it looks like I am still in battle except I cannot move.

Our support team can help you but you need to contact us at support@wizard101.com - and when you contact support, please ensure that you give us:

->the account name
->the character name(s)
->as much information about what you encountered as you can, including error messages or screenshots

NEVER send us:
->your password
->your full credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your issue can be resolved.