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Black Palace help, please!

Aug 06, 2012
If someone would please help me with the Black Palace, that would be awesome! I am usually on around 8-9 pm, EST. Thanks to anyone who can help!!

-Talon ShadowStone, lv 70 Sorcerer

Dec 31, 2011
If you need help on the cheating storm boss...

To get the 'Tower Shield' Off him, bring heals and use it...
Try and bring a life..

WARNING- Glitch in the first boss

DO NOT get worried if you get caught with an invisible battle afterwards. Hopefully Wizard101 sees this and fixes the Glitch in black palace, waterfront. :)

Oct 24, 2009
Hi Guys;
Marisssa SparkleSinger ( 70 Life/Fire) Here;
I also need help with the Black Palace.
I can't get past the big Ice Bug (6,000 health)
and his THREE Death Minions.
So I haven't even gotten to the
cheating Storm Boss
Could someone tell me how to kill the big Ice bug

I like solo fighting, so I'm probably going to do it on my own. Thanks.

"Life heals all"

Feb 22, 2011
To solo this dungeon for the quest, you can try this:


and then turn it in to the Queen.

Good luck!

Oct 26, 2010
So, I see people are having trouble with the Black Palace in the Waterfront. Funny thing is, I just defeated that dungeon today. Anyways yes I have noticed some glitches, so I'll be happy to share with you on how to pass them/get rid of them.

So after defeating the second boss, you get pulled into a combat sigil with no enemies in it. This is an easy fix, just pass and it will say: VICTORY at the end. I also noticed that you get pulled into battles very easily. The tip for this one is to just stay by the walls.


So, to defeat this boss, you want to bring some spirtes with you, because he will summon a -90 shield on himself if you don't heal. After you heal it will be removed and you are free to attack for 1 round. So I'd suggest healing a round before you attack him. I also noticed after you defeat him, when you step in the combat sigil again, it says his message at the beginning. Don't worry just ignore that. Otherwise the Black Palace is just a glitchy, boss filled dungeon! I hope I helped!