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Beginning Zafaria!

May 29, 2011
Today I gained access to Zafaria for the first time! I'm really excited to get started, but I want to make sure I know what I'm getting into. Right now, I'm a level 60 Balance wizard. I had some trouble in Celestia and I want to make Zafaria go a bit smoother. I was wondering if anybody had any tips on how I could achieve this? Currently I'm doing a few side quests in Marleybone, Moo Shu, Dragonspyre and Celestia. My goal is to finish as many side quests as possible before starting Zafaria, so that I have a better level. Are there any spells I should add to my deck? What sort of strategies should I use? Are there any bosses or dungeons I should watch out for? Any help you can give me is appreciated greatly! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me!

Jack DarkBlade, Level 60

Oct 07, 2013
Well, first of all, a BIG bump was in difficulty, after Celestia, so don't feel bad. First of all:

Feel lucky?

A decent amount of "collect ___ from ___" happen sometimes. For you, one quest in the Savannah, early on in Zafaria, has you fight at least 10 Balance mobs, and yes, it is a collect quest. They will have you fight certain mobs a LOT, wait 'til Zamunda Outskirts. I suggest Spectral Blast, so you can fight Balance enemies rather easy, and many enemies, such as the Greyhorn Mercenary, despite saying , it has NO boosts, or resistances, but does wield Ice and Death magic, even a little of its own school. I think your fine for Zafaria, I went to Zafaria at the same level. Perhaps, though, try to get some Waterworks gear, for the resistance, the criticals since some enemies are kinda brawny, at Drum Jungle, and honestly, just good luck.

Hunter Mistsword, Level 70 Ice Wizard, but with more offense...sorta.

Jan 05, 2014
For collection quests balance is usually best throwing sandstorm twice, boosted by gargantuan or colossal, and possibly balance blade depending on how much health the targets have. Against normal balance enemies (with 40% resist) you'll need to throw a third sandstorm, put on your best balance defense gear to mitigate the incoming damage. Save the spectral blasts for balance bosses. If the gear you're wearing doesn't give you at least a 60% bonus to balance damage and an 80% power pip percentage go to the bazaar and buy better gear.

If you don't have gargantuan go back to the Celestia Floating Land and get it from the sun trainer.

Using sandstorm in this manner you only need the four power pips to throw sandstorm twice, it gets the enemies out of the way quicker than anything else. Your health may take a beating, but you should be able to easily get 2 sandstorms off before you die, and zafaria has red wisps all over the place to heal between battles.