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beating bellog

Oct 10, 2013
anyone have any suggestions on beating bellog in zafaria alone?

Sep 17, 2012
It's not easy to beat him alone, even a low level friend can be a great help. Especially a fire wizard. Fire Elf will keep his cheat occupied for 3 rounds so you can blade up. If you're doing it alone, load up on low/mid-level spells for your school and some TC Fire Elf.

May 21, 2012
dan1954600 on Feb 10, 2014 wrote:
anyone have any suggestions on beating bellog in zafaria alone?
spam 1,2,3,4 pip spells other wise if ur balance have like a balance wand and hit repreatedly? or use other school tc

Mar 07, 2012
Fire elf works, and some off-school wand attacks will also. It's extremely hard to beat him by yourself, when I did him, we still had a lot of trouble for a 3 person team.

~ Vanessa

Jan 04, 2009
If you're a storm, you can just spam wild bolts and insane bolts and hope for the best.

Jul 16, 2012
What school are you?
For Ice, tower shield until you can do snow angel then do a lot of wand hits until you have blizzard.Then the minion should be dead. After that blade, shield, attack with mammoth.
For Storm, spam tempest until minion is dead then shield and blade then attack with levy or triton.
For Fire, shield, blade, rain of fire. Minion should be dead then shield, shield, blade, blade then efreet.
For Myth, shield, blade, use aura that boosts your attack then use frog. After that blade up and shield then attack with medusa.
For Death, use feint, blade, then use scarecrow. Use feint again and death blade, after that use Dr.Von.
For Life, blade up, shield, then attack with forest lord, again use an aura that boosts your attack. Then just blade up shield then attack with Gnomes.
For Balance, well spam sandstorm then blade up, if your health is lower then 1500, use fairy or satyr then feint and use chimera if you have, if not buy the tc.

---Richard Shadowfountain level 92