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Art History Quest in Zafaria (Never Mind)

Dec 17, 2009
I learned that there are 2 books in this area and I had already found the one near Nemean Rock. Thanks anyway.

Hi. I'm currently in Drum Jungle and have completed all of the parts of Zafaria preceding this one. However, I am unable to get the book for the "Art History" quest given by Kiliman Copperleaf in the Savannah.

A family member received it just outside the Nemean Rock before entering the dungeon. I have already completed that dungeon twice, once on the quest and once to just confirm that I didn't somehow miss the book there.

Is the book somewhere else and am I mixing things up or is there a bug that I am unable to receive that book?

Thanks to anyone who has an idea on this.

Blaze Strongfist
Level 70 Life