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am i close to get colossal?

Jul 19, 2012
i am really motivated about that new spell colossal of the sun school, i really want it and i just wanted to know how close i am from getting it.
(Currently on zamunda on the quest "dont impress me so much")

Luis MythHammer: legendary conjurer (lvl 68) zafaria, zamunda and zamunda outskirts.
Luis DeathFlame: initiate necromancer (lvl 11) wizard city, firecat alley.

Dec 16, 2008
If I remember correctly, you are not even close. You have to go through Zamundia, waterfront, something else from the boat in Baobab Market, then Drum Jungle. And you must be 66? Or 64. Not sure on that one.

Community Leader
You need to be in the Drum jungle to get that spell. If you are in zumunda you would need to finish the stone town and waterfront.