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May 30, 2009
Was anyone else excited when hearing about Yago for the first time? I know it was just mentioned in the Wysteria Legendary Tower as part of the story, but i still got excited. I love night and stars and all of that stuff. I was extremely disapointed by CL's lack of a night sky and beautiful landscape that i thought it would have (they did, after all, say that they worshiped the stars, so i thought it would be a night world).

Also, it looks like, if Yago does exhist, it will be EXTREMELY high level. Look at how powerful the sorcerer became when taking Kogasha's power.

Also, i know this is an EXTREMELY low possiblility, but look at the propehcy. If think about it the prophecy includes a possiblility of a 5 world story line like Malistair:

CL - start (not mentioned in it)
Zafaria - the mirror will break
?- the horn will call
?-from the shadows i stike
?- and all skies will fall

Though it is very unlikely, could "from the shadows i stike" be refering to Yago, a land of eternal night? And though the last line is probably just refering to all worlds of the spiral, Cyrus Drake did mention in the lvl 68 spell quest "the skies of Hyperia"; could this be a refernece to hyperia?

Just my thoughts. Really hope Yago comes out, but in a good spot. Maybe the last world in Morganthe's story line. Sry for the bad spelling

May 13, 2009
you really thought this thought over. I agree with your thinking. And I've always wanted a world in the clouds. One may come out for the line when she says "all skies will fall". If a world called Hyperia came out, just by the name i can tell that it will be a ancientRome Greece world with myth creatures. Got this idea cause of the spells medusa and minotaur. If you look at the background of those 2 spells, they are both in ruins of Greece and Rome. Oh yeah and storm lord aka zeus would be the final boss because he is more of a myth if you know what i am saying. Oh and in Wysteria you battle some people in different worlds as they say in the tournament story line.