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Why does wysteria exist?

Jun 06, 2012
Well, i'm not hating on wysteria but why does this realm exist? i'm pretty sure i did not get a spiral key for it and it just appeared and does not have anything to do with the storyline (i think) please reply

Jul 17, 2013
Wysteria is a side world or in other words it is completely optional. But Grizzleheim is an optional world but recommended while Wysteria is completely optional and completely useless.

Mar 13, 2014
Wysteria is an optional sideworld that does not have any urgent reason associated with completing it. There is a Zeke quest, so if you want an extra training point you can get one there. The Tower of the Helephant is there, a popular spot for farming at level 60+, and you have to complete the main Wysteria quest series to get access to it. But unlike Grizzleheim/Wintertusk, Wysteria is not required for acquiring any spells or school pets.

Ultimately, Wysteria is just another setting to explore, with somewhat amusing characters and storylines. You do meet students from a variety of worlds; those encounters form the basis of much message board speculation about the more obscure reaches of the Spiral. If you play the game because you find such exploration fun, go to Wysteria. If you are just concerned with advancing your character as quickly as possible, Wysteria can be safely skipped.

That said, I do wish KI would give players a little more reason to go to Wysteria. I think it would go a long way to promote the setting if KI would cater to the numerous message board requests to allow access to spells from the Wysteria schools. Perhaps KI could add one Wysteria spell for each school along with a quest to acquire it, tied in with the Wysteria alternate version of the normal schools. It need not be particularly powerful, just a little plus for visiting Wysteria.