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Which do you prefer: Pigswick or Ravenwood?

May 28, 2012
I totally prefer Ravenswood because Merle Ambrose is one of the most powerful wizards ever known! And besides Ravenswood doesn't even give out homework. So it's pretty easy to be an A+ student.

Amy Pearlwhisper,
Level 49/ Savior of the Spiral

Oct 26, 2012
Well that's hard for me. Because Ravenwood is so cool because of the spells, Bartlby, and finally the school trees.( Can not forget Merle Ambrose ether) And Wysteria because of the pigs ( so cute!) the teachers, and finally the goblins! But Wysteria is really hard and annoying! So Ravenwood. Master wizard Scarlet Rose lvl 47

Dec 01, 2013
Ravenwood students do lots of work in class and Don't cheat
Pigswick students do little work and cheat

Mar 07, 2012
Blindeyeswarriors on Oct 21, 2013 wrote:
Madame Vadima? Who is that??
Madame Vadima is a Witchdocter in Pirate101.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 49 theurgist

Dec 03, 2012
It depends.

Ravenwood- one big circle, classrooms very similar. Not as modern.
Pigswick- Shops. All classrooms different. Modern.

Ravenwood- cool spells.
Pigswick- cheats.

I think Pigswick is prettier, but overall Ravenwood would be the best school to go to.

Dec 27, 2013
I think Ravenwood is better then Pigswick Academy because Ravenwood students don't walk around in circles and. Ravenwood's headmaster can do magic incase of an emergency. Also if your a headmaster of magic you should be albe to do magic.


Paul Sunblade Lvl. 26 soon to be 27!

Feb 01, 2012
Ravenwood. Why? :
I was so outraged when the mistress of Pigswick bragged about her school. Then there was Glemdeming ( I think I spelled that wrong) who called my favorite duelmaster a charlatan! Not to mention, everyone are such cheaters there, and they think a fountain is somewhat better that Bartleby?
But I have to admit, the music is great, the library's huge and the place looks kinda cool.

Katie NightBloom

Oct 04, 2009
I personally like Ravenwood more, but I love to see maybe a side quest or some way so that you can learn those schools in Pigswick. It looked like one school in Pigswick was kind of like a school in Ravenwood. I hink storm students should be able to learn the school of tempest for free, but other schools can learn with training points. Same with like the school of Frost and the school of Ice. You get the point.

Samuel Lifebringer Level 95
Artur Hawkleaf Level 44
Ethan Fireblood Level 33
Dustin Deathstone Level 17
Tyler Icestaff Level 9
Blaze Level 9
Tanner Stormmender Level 7

Nov 23, 2012
Ravenwood, pigswick cheats, and that's well, cheating. Besides, a tree being the source of magic is WAY better than a fountain.
-Lauren DragonTail

Jun 10, 2012
MythMander on May 30, 2013 wrote:
Well, not counting Niles in Krok, Dragonspyre is the only other place I seen with talking magic trees that are connected to the class rooms where each school of magic is taught. The class rooms are bigger too, so it's like Ravenwood would be the junior high or middle school and Dragonspyre the high school. Anyway, talking to the frost teacher seems to indicate that the students there are learning a lot there to begin with.
Dragonspyre only has one school and that's fire.

Jun 10, 2012
ThomasSkyshard on Jul 7, 2013 wrote:
Ravenwood is a better school itself, but Pigswick has a nicer school. Basically what I mean is I'd go to Ravenwood to learn, and Pigswick to have a nice school.
Cons of both schools.
There is a chasm in ravenwood so major safety issue.
Cyrus hates me. 0_0
I think the air conditioning in ice and fire is broken.

When you start Pigswick you aren't allowed to leave school grounds. You cant go on Pegasus Place or Tanglewood Way.
The names of the schools are harder to remember.

Ravenwood is inviting.

Names of schools in Pigswick are pretty.

Jun 10, 2012
Jerry Saibot on Oct 21, 2013 wrote:

They have better magic school names.

Don't you guys wanna learn CHAOS magic? It sounds so cool.
Or maybe Tempest (storm), Spirit (Death), Frost (Ice), Chaos (myth), Equilibrium (balance), Ember (fire), Earth (life. LOL chester droors!)

Jun 10, 2012
Lauren Dragotnail on Jan 20, 2014 wrote:
Ravenwood, pigswick cheats, and that's well, cheating. Besides, a tree being the source of magic is WAY better than a fountain.
-Lauren DragonTail
Don't forget the spiral gate is INSIDE Bartleby.

Dec 04, 2009
i think ravenwood is best since pigswick is very confusing the only way i could tell what class it is compared to is by it's color fire,red ice,blue storm,purple myth,yellow life,green death,black balance,white hope this helped

Mar 26, 2010
I like the insides of the classrooms in Pigswick better than Ravenwood's because they all look different in some unique way but that's pretty much it. Everything else I love Ravenwood better!

Winner: Ravenwood

Fiona IceDust
Level 48 Thaumaturge

Aug 17, 2009
What kind of stuff goes on in Pigswick? I'm only 24 so, yeah...what level do you nned to be to go to pigswick? And how much does it cost to go there

-Stephen Mythhand

Stephen Mythhand on Mar 5, 2014 wrote:
What kind of stuff goes on in Pigswick? I'm only 24 so, yeah...what level do you nned to be to go to pigswick? And how much does it cost to go there

-Stephen Mythhand
Wysteria will be open to you when you turn 25.

Players who are level 25 or higher should speak to Merle Ambrose in his tower. He will offer you the quest "To the Registrar".

There are three zones in Wysteria and each is 1000 Crowns.

Jul 04, 2012
Ravenwood all the way man.
Angela Gem
Level 93

Aug 01, 2013
I prefer Ravenwood because I read in the Pigswick Papers that they don't let students use real magic and only a few become real Wizards.

Jun 13, 2012
I prefer pigswick's architecture, but the frost teacher says that ice is a gentle snowflake. He hasn't seen me with a blizzard (He he). Ravenswood is quite better because of all of the teachers that care about their students (except that they don't put caution tape around the old death school, which makes liable for students to get hurt). On another note, does anyone notice that their first street is "Pegasus place" and ours is "Unicorn way". Mythical horses. Or as Cyrus may say is the power of the mind and place it to use to conjur our beasts to aid us in help (or something like that).

Sep 21, 2013
Breakfastprince on May 29, 2013 wrote:
I prefer Pigswick.
I think Ravenwood teaches Dueling but Pigswick teaches....combatants...
They may be ugly and brutal but they get the job done.
And Chester Droors was pretty powerful for a school that teaches weak magic.
Plus Madame Vadima the Witchdoctor trainer went to pigswick and she's really powerful.
I think the books of Pigswicks History was written by a biased writer. Perhaps a rejected teacher?
Everyone in Ravenwood is certainly nicer, but the Pigswick architecture is pretty cool.
Ravenwood's schools are in a circle in the same spot so it's easy to find them...
But Pigswick has such more... interesting school names. (Sparks, Chaos).
Ravenwood doesn't cheat, but Pigswick... has a Earth teacher that looks like the "Wandering Wizard" enemy in Dragonspyre.
Seriously. Look closely at Chester.
Ravenwood has a frog, a cow, and a dog for some of their teachers,
But Pigswick has a yeti wearing a top hat, a bird (I think she's a raven), and an enemy from Dragonspyre.

It's a tie, for me.

~Esmee Watertalon, level 48
"Have a problem? Freeze it! Freezing fixes everything!"

Sep 21, 2013
Elizabeth Dragonhe... on Aug 14, 2013 wrote:
LOL That is so funny...and true. Ravenwood!!!!! We don't cheat and I love Ravens!!!! (Although I am not sure what Ravenwood actually has in common with ANY kind of bird)

~Intelligent enemies are dangerous, no matter what rank they are....
Well, Bartleby's sister is Grandmother Raven. Bartleby is a tree, so he is made out of wood. Grandmother Raven + Bartleby = Ravenwood.

Jan 05, 2014
I did find the maze like architecture of Pigswick interesting. One wonders about the stability of Ravenswood when a whole school can just fall off and get lost. Ambrose is certainly nicer than Belladonna, but Cyrus pretty much makes up for that. And Pigswick has its own balance school (OK, they call it equilibrium, same thing), you don't have to go to Krokotopia for advanced balance spells.

My only problem with Pigswick students cheating is there doesn't seem to be a way to get the teachers to show me how to cheat the same way. One persons "cheat" is another's advanced tactics.

Aug 20, 2013
I really like Pigswick because of its cool environment, but I choose Ravenwood

- Alex Frost , Level 33

Mar 02, 2014
Well, Ravenwood and Pigswick is the same because the school are the same and both of the places haves professor's but Wizard City haves more zones than Pigswick.

Wizard Chris Foe Level 37