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Where is my next quest?

Mar 18, 2012
Hi everyone

I did Wysteria quickly and easily alone because I did quests in weird order lol. The last thing I did was to cut the vines off the dudes Eddie's door, talk to him inside and then report back to groundskeeper Verne. I know that I still have more to do there because my friend told me I get some sword thing or something from there and also I haven't unlocked the Tower of the Helephant quest. I'm just wondering if anyone knows who will have the elusive golden question mark for me now? Lol. Thanks for your help.

Iridian Swiftsong, Master of Fire

Oct 19, 2010
you're probably level 30 now? And no quests in Wysteria and you're wondering "Imposible! There must be more cause the tower of the helephant!" Well, no, technally you finished Wysteria. The tower of the Helephant is like WaterWorks... You get it at level 60 it's just a side quest. So you're done! *Claps*! Now just focus on Krokotopia (if you haven't finished it) or MarleyBone wherever you are. Wysteria is basically a side world just to level you up. Don't think you shouldn't do it!!!!! It's still a huge part of your wizard...

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~Emily IceBlood Level 72 Death