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Welcome to Wysteria

Oct 26, 2012
Is the only purpose of wisteria to get a piece of furniture about 5 levels and 4,000 gold! I don't like it you do all that for just what I said above it is so annoying to! but on a good side I got a ton of subs on my youtube channel for it I did a walkthrough a movie and a wallflower guide. And see you in the spiral ( or not) Scarlet Rose level 50

May 28, 2012
Paige MoonShade on Aug 5, 2011 wrote:
I absolutely love this new world. Although I might give Arthur Wethersfield a run for his money on all the new furniture pieces I want from Wysteria. ;) The outfit you get is very cute so is the pet. The helephant tower WOW! much more of a challenge than waterworks. I am now going through the world on a level 25 to test that out. In all way to go KingsIsle.
Welcome to my world but need some help i cant find any quests some i have one is abut green men and one is killing wood goblins and hobgoblins.but still happy im there

May 02, 2012
I beat the person you have to beat to qualify but it wont let me in the tournament. The door to the tournament is caged and I cant get in.

Kieran Shadowsword

level 27 balance

Nov 05, 2011
Iizfireskool on Jul 8, 2013 wrote:
How do you defeat Randolf Spellshine?
Shannon lvl 29
Buy a high level minion. Jessica Winterflower level 48

Jul 11, 2014
Im not allowed to go to wysteria but i cant wait. i cant decide which im really looking forward to. Wysteria or Marleybone. I can go to Wizard City, Krokotopia, and today i unlocked Grizzleheim.

Jun 21, 2014
If only we could learn spells in Pigswick Academy

Apr 20, 2013
I Really love the world wysteria. It really does make players think outside the box when they face enermies
That cheat. I had a little trouble when I was face ing the life profeser though.

Thanks kingslsle for the amazing world.

Apr 20, 2013
Musica360 on Sep 23, 2014 wrote:
If only we could learn spells in Pigswick Academy
Same here that would be REALLY cool.

Please KI in the next update good you add in spells in Pigswick Academy. Also then you make your wizard
in the character creation good you add the name Jake.


Jul 17, 2014
That's great! Level twenty five? Good only 2 levels away!!

Jul 12, 2015
AluraMist2 on Aug 3, 2011 wrote:
I can't seem to get past the first quest "The Spiral Cup -- defeat Bleys Flamerender". When I enter the room, it is empty. Bleys is not there.

When I leave the room, everyone outside is running around saying the same thing. They can't find Bleys either. I even switched realms, but that didn't help.

I did click on "bug report" in the test realm and reported this. :-(
try logging out and logging back in if this doesn't work i don't know how to help you

Jul 08, 2011
Travis Raven Wraith promethean wizard.
I really really enjoyed the theme of wysteria with the grand competition pvp mega tournament. I think there should be a wysteria 2.0 or make arenas in all the other worlds not just wizard city and make a huge massive tournament like that. Setting divisions of tourneys in each world and then collaborate the finalists of each world for a finale tourney perhaps. It would also be interesting to see some selectable perks for tourneys like additional crit/block in respective amounts. A storm with 800+ critical asking for a lot more would be broken. Or maybe perks for each position like the athame gets pierce or damage and the gets critical maybe, etc. Back to the point I think it would be very interesting to have like a pvp world themed like wysteria as a side world with selectable perks.
lvl 96
lvl 90
lvl 80
lvl 62
lvl 52
lvl 32

Jan 29, 2016
Why does, Wysteria have the same type of schools but different names for the schools?

Mar 04, 2015
I'm really having trouble trying to get past Randolph Spellshine, I'm a lvl 29 and it's really hard, he just keep regenerating his health and it gets annoying. Please, someone help me with this

Mar 13, 2010
Is anyone else having the problem where everything is red in wysteria?

Jan 02, 2017
Those little pig guys in the pigswick arena cheat a lot. I have to admit that it can get pretty hard sometimes. I would not recommend doing it by yourself.

Dec 01, 2012