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Tower of the helephant: rejoining

Apr 26, 2009
i have tried to do the tower of the helephent five times now, all with no avail. two times to members had to leave and the three other times i had to flee and come back BUT when i got inside my team wasnt there and i had apparently started a new dungeon and i was like "what the heck!". i dont know where i went wrong . i just fled used a potion, ported to the front of the tower and entered with NO ONE else. this is issue is making quite upset due to the fact i havent finished the tower once and only completed the first level once . does anyone know where i went wrong?

Tiffany Pixigem- a very sad legendary theurgist

P.S : maybe they could let us put marks inside like other dungeons and say "dungeon has closed" after thirty minutes

May 17, 2009
I do know, that you cant change realms, or port to someone else after you have started the tower and died, changing realms makes you start over.
Saveing a spot out side of the tower realm, and inside realms are the same,
however the area outside and the one inside are not the same. Its not far to run back to the tower, so done take the chance of porting back to a saved spot, and lossing your area.

Mar 27, 2011
reason: you switched realms.

When several realm are full, and you are in a full one, it might happen that, when fleeing/porting away, the server changes your realm to a less crowded one.

To reenter your dungeon, you need to switch back to the realm where you originally started.

In order to avoid this, start playing the dungeon in a "perfect" or "normal" realm, avoid crowded or full ones.

Usually the second half of the realms list is more secure in this sense.

Mar 13, 2011
You have to make sure you attempt to re-enter the dungeon on the same realm you were on originally. When you are in thedungeon, make note of your realm. e.g., Blossom realm, while you are in it.

If you flee, or while zoning between areas, you may get kicked to a less-busy server, e.g., Unicorn. So before you hit "x" to enter, check the realm screen to be sure you are on Blossom. If it says you are on a realm other than Blossom, just hop to Blossom while in front of the portal and then enter alone, and you will be fine.