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Tower of Helephant difficulty

Jul 11, 2011
How do i get a team together to help me woith quests?

May 28, 2012
PoutingPanda on Feb 4, 2013 wrote:
We aren't whining. We are simply stating the fact that The Tower of the Helephant is very aggravating. Even when you go in with a group. (Four people). It is still very hard to get past. Has anyone done it recently? In 2013? If so please post how the battles went, and how many times you had to go back into the tower.


Madeline Dragonrider Pyromancer

PS, not about how you killed this or that. Just about how many times you had to retry it.
My friends and I just did ToH last night and beat it. I'm Lvl 72 Life and was with Fire Lvl 67 and Ice Lvl 65.
I had to leave twice and Fire once in the first level. Ice left and came back before the final attack. Did go through the expense of having a Henchman 70 Life and 90 Life for first level. But they didn't make it to the end of that battle. LOL. And a Fire 90 lvl Henchman for the last. This was the group I chose/was chosen to join for the battle. Earlier, I tried it four times and decided to wait until IT felt right to do it.

Apr 07, 2011

I've just completed ToH a few days ago and have some exp to share with you guys.

1. always read the rules of boss fights before you enter the combat
2. make sure that your fellows also know them
3. decide roles (for example: who will be the damage dealer, who will be the one casting the dispells...)
4. if one of your teammates went down with hp dont waste pips to heal, because its possible to re enter the tower and those pips will come handy to kill your opponents
5. we havent use dispells in the first fight, but as someone said before me you should add some storm dispels to your deck because of Ervin (oh man those leviathans every round...) I dont know if its possible or not to dispel that mass effect fire spell that makes the whole party fizzle every three (or four) rounds but if it is you should add fire dispels to your deck as well
6. maybe it sounds crazy, but the last boss of the tower is easier than the two guys on the first floor. 2 of you should always gathering pips for crowd control spells, the goal is to deal 2500 damage every four rounds. Thats not a big deal, BUT if control slips out of your hands you're in trouble, those blizzards will get rid of the whole party fast. The other two party members should focus on the big tough guy.

Hope you find this useful and manage to beat ToH.

Good luck!

Tristan Dreamcrafter lvl70 Balance