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Tower of Helephant

Jul 04, 2013
you get the quest to start it at level 60 but how does KI expect a fresh level 60 wizard to beat the tower? anything short of a full party and you won't clear the tower. the quest should be given at least at level 80. and any max levels in game skipped wysteria cause it so small and as such skip out of ToH. it is a great dungeon with great drops but no one ever goes there to run it or help others run it. it's just like Manchu tower. you cannot solo it and it is out of your way but if you run it there is great rewards to be had. that said, i need help clearing it. please help.

Kane Nightshade. lvl 60

Mar 29, 2012
Hey Kane,

You are right, the Tower of the Helephant is often overlooked but worth doing for the Aureate band and Lexicon Blade that you can get there. They really are some of the best ring and athame's to be had at level 60, and especially since they can be used by any school.

I am sure that a well coordinated team of level 60 Wizards can do this tower, because I have done it myself long ago. However, it is not easy and I believe it was meant to be a challenge, which some Wizards do enjoy.

Since you are asking for help, I will make a special effort to check the Team-Up kiosk for you or anyone else that needs help from my (near max) Storm at the Tower of the Helephant over the next few days. Also, feel free to ask me for help directly if you happen to see me around

I hope this helps.
Amber Ravynsong