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Tower of Helephant

Aug 02, 2009
Was very hard especially the first round. After the first round it was normal battle 4 on 4, the last boss wasnt impossible, however, when I went to headmistress she stated "aw so sorry you didnt collect the heart of the helephant" we I did, and the drops were ridiculous, nothing I could use except myth ring. Very dissappointing this world, the worlds that are new should be GEARED for advanced wizards and lower lvl wizards should work their way up like we did, not fair at all, very very unhappy with this world. KI you really need to work with higher lvl wizards to give them the gear, I do pay to be here you know....also the wyrven hoard pack purchase 10 and stillno dragon spent $30 in gold for nothing, how many hoard packs do I have to purchase before I get dragon 20? Need to give back to players, I have been here three years and the worlds are getting smaller.

May 20, 2010
She told me the same thing: that I didn't recover it From the quest dialog, my interpretation is that Kogasha taught the wizard to break the jewel, which freed Kogasha. Since the jewel was destroyed, it couldn't be presented to Ms. Crisp, so she assumed that it wasn't recovered.