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Stuck; Right Now, in Tower of the Helephant

Sep 02, 2013
Just spent the last 5 hours in the Tower and finally defeated Lyon Lorestriker and guess what. Nothing happened. No victory, no gear, nothing. I am currently standing in the last dungeon and nothing. I checked my quest guide. Guess what. It wants me to do it again. Why? I even left the dungeon and returned to try again or to see what happens. Guess what? Nothing happened. It is still the same scenario. Stuck with no win, no badge, no gear and a wasted Sunday afternoon for nothing. Thanks KingsIsle. Nice to see the standards of the game are so high. You should be ashamed of yourselves and your game. I'm really disappointed in you today. I have been trying to do this dungeon for months and months. I finally do it and this is what I get. I could just cry. Just an absolutely wasted day and complete disappointment. Thanks again. Nice to see my membership fee and all the crowns I buy going to a worthy cause.