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Something's Not Right

Nov 05, 2010
So, when I was doing a quest in Wysteria, Belladonna Crisp asked me to go to the "Magic Fountain" so that I'd learn something. However, once I got there, it said that it was just an ordinary fountain and that there was nothing "magical" about it. Then, it also said that something's not right about this school. I didn't get what that meant. What's not right about Wysteria?

Oct 22, 2011
The Headmaster and Teachers claim that the Wysteria schools are the best around, when in fact, their schools really don't teach anything, and the students have very little, if any, magical skills at all.

Belladonna thinks the fountain is 'magical'. Us students of Wizard City have lots of magical ability, unfortunately, the people of Wysteria do not. Therefore, we can 'sense' that the fountain is not 'magical', whereas they cannot.