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Seeking Life Help for Chester Droors

Jun 23, 2016
Okay so I have read several threads about Chester. For that reason I am looking for some guidance. I know I need Shields and Heals, but also need to have my prisms. My secondary class is Ice so I am wondering any other advise. I am working on my pet as well. Guidance is always welcome.


A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Chester has two helpers and as long as they are there, you will be taking a lot of damage. So, get rid of his helpers before you even try to take down Chester. He can heal himself all he wants and it doesn't matter because you're not trying to hit him.

Take each minion out using your strongest spell. Blade, trap, hit. Repeat if you need, but get that minion gone ASAP. Heal yourself if you need to. Then set up a second hit on the second minion. Heal again if needed.

Once his helpers are gone, put a trap on Chester ASAP. It will stop him from healing himself. If you put Spirit or Elemental traps on him, the remaining traps that you don't use will shut his cheat down for good.

For taking Chester out, it's best to use prisms if you are a Life wizard, but he might throw up Death shields. What can really save you here is having a Death school wand to take those shields off. If you're Death, put up a couple of blades and start throwing poisons at him. Those will keep his shields off and wear him down. Then you can finish him off with a Vampire or Pirate.

The other option is to use your second school (Ice, in your case), but know that you will not be able to hit nearly so hard with a second school.

If you're not Life or Death, your own school spells will do fine.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010

Understand that this boss isn't hard, in fact, he's one of the easiest cheating bosses you'll face throughout your adventures of the spiral.

Now, the key here is to always have a trap around him, this will prevent him from cheating and using Helping Hands.

In terms of defeating him, it seems by your request that you're life, so this is all you need to do.
(Would've been nice if you stated your level):

Have a small deck - Have a small deck with just a couple blades (life blade, spiritual blade), couple hits (seraph), converts, and life traps. Place a tower/life shield in there if you want and/or a pixie. That's it.

Treasures - In your side deck, place a couple heals here in case things get a little out of control. I also suggest purchasing a few Mass Convert Life Prisms for this instance and maybe a couple Forest Lord Treasures as this can make the battle somewhat easier.

Wand - A wand that gives a death attack would be good to ward off those death shields in case you convert at the wrong time. (Converting after a shield was used will force the shield to break).

Strategy - The aim here is to defeat these guys in one shot before they defeat you. Mass convert on the first turn (in case they shield, it won't be broken). Blade up next while building your pips for Forest Lord (It requires 8 pips so you will need at least one power pip). Hit once you've at least two blades (life blade in addition to spiritual blade). This should take them all down unless you've a weakness around you. This method is for is you're soloing.

Pet - A good pet helps. One with resists and that can heal.

Don't let the numbers scare you. Chester Droors can go down easily with the above method.
Defend yourself with shields if you have to while you build pips.

Good Luck!

Sep 20, 2017
Going first in this battle greatly helps also!

Reload until you do so!