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Randolf gets me so mad

Dec 18, 2010
Jul 04, 2012
Ok so i beat randolf on my first try when I was a level 26-ish, exept i just read all the strategies b4 i even got to battle him.
Anyway, heres how I beat randolf (If I remember correctly...) :
1.I use shields to distract him, since he'll remove them as soon as you put it on, giving you time to gain pips.
2.Summon a Water Elemental (Storm minion) because it can Taunt the enemy. (If you're wandering what taunt does it just makes the enemy focus on the guy who taunted them, so they all attack him instead of you. haha no wunder it's ice :-o )
3. You may notice some cheating going on, alot about the "buffed vampire...", js, randolf doesnt use the "buffed vampire" until he gets damaged/attacked. So don't launch an attack, save your pips for bigger attacks, distract him with shields.
4. He cannot destroy your blades :-)
5. Use a death dispel, if your lucky enough to have one.
Oh, and he can destroy traps too, but he won't destroy it right after you use it.

If your wandering how I beat him, heres how,
(Start with 2 pips) I use thermic shield(TE), wyldfire(TE), fire blade(TE), another fire blade(HAHAHA TE), fire trap(TE),pass for 2 turns, and use a strong treasure card on my sunbird, which makes it like, 400 Fire attack the least, and then BOOM i deal over 1000 damage 8)

Hope this helps. Ryan RubyFist, Level 31 Pyromancer

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
dragonmorgan wrote:
hes a cheater why is he so hard sob sob cry cry lol

stack all the blades you can find in bazzar
hit him in 1 attack to stop vampire

Jun 08, 2011
It's not that hard. Just use the most powerful storm treasure card you have, like Stormzilla. He only uses the zero pip vampire if you attack him, so you have to beat him in one round. The easiest way to do that is with a storm treasure card.
Fiona Mythsinger, Level 53 Pyromancer

May 08, 2010
dragonmorgan wrote:
hes a cheater why is he so hard sob sob cry cry lol
well he is hard but what i did is that a was like 33 i did mythblade spirit blade pet mythblade to myth traps to myth prims spirit trap boom! he dies

Nov 26, 2011
Link posting time again...
If you really need the links, there ya go. You could also get a tc or use a big hit on him before he can attack.