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Pigswick Students

Jul 25, 2010
I liked Wysteria, even though it is super easy to beat. Its a change of scenery, and just a new adventure. :) I think that once you get to a certain level, there could be a student exchange program, sending you to Pigswick and a pig to Ravenwood. When you get there, you could have a dorm room to decorate, and you could learn spells from their schools. Or, if that seems too repetitive, i think that once you have beaten Malistaire at least once, you should be able to start a new character that starts in Pigswick instead of Ravenwood. That would be really cool. :)

Sep 14, 2010
KI isn't even gonna try that. There are 27328266570 topics on this and Prof. Greyrose reads most of the topics. It's a side world. You don't see us going to some bear academy in Grizzleheim, now do you?

Now if they do consider trying this, you may laugh at my face. But it's highly unlikely they'll do this. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sep 03, 2011
This should probably be posted in The Dorms. ^^ Considering it's an idea.

.Alexis Crow - Level 37 Necromancer